Arthur Lyon Dahl

Arthur Lyon Dahl

Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl is President of the International Environment Forum and a retired senior official of UN Environment, with over 50 years experience in sustainability, international environmental assessment and governance, and systems science, including more than 20 years in intergovernmental organisations.

A biologist by training (AB, Stanford University; PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara), specializing on small islands and coral reefs, he lived and worked for many years in the Pacific Islands and Africa before settling in Geneva, Switzerland. He has participated in UN Conferences on environment, sustainable development and climate change, including Stockholm 1972, Johannesburg 2002, Copenhagen 2009, Rio 2012 and Paris 2015, and was in the secretariat for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro 1992).

Dr. Dahl has been a frequent consultant on sustainability, environmental assessment and indicators to the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, UNESCO and UNEP, and Co-coordinated the UNEP Major Groups & Stakeholders Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance. He teaches and lectures widely and on-line. His books include: “Unless and Until: A Baha’i Focus on the Environment”, “The Eco Principle: Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis”, and “In Pursuit of Hope: A Guide for the Seeker”.

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