Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson is Principal Consultant for Henderson Consulting Group, providing services in management consulting, organization development, leadership, coaching and diversity. He holds a Ph.D. in Education (learning theory/management) from the University of Massachusetts. Clients have included American Express, AT&T, BP/Amoco, NASA, General Electric, Exxon, Hallmark, Prudential, United Technologies, Xerox, and the California State Supreme Court. 

Dr. Henderson served as the principal consultant to the Baharicom Development Company, a key driver of Africa‚Äôs social and economic growth. He also led the establishment of a philanthropic broadband capacity endowment to ensure free capacity to thousands of schools, libraries, universities and health care programs. He chaired the Fund Development Committee of the American Dental Association, providing comprehensive oral health care for over 400,000 children a year. 

Dr. Henderson currently serves as Board Chair of Community Neighborhood Technologies (CNT), an NGO creating equitable and sustainable communities in climate, housing, transportation, water, energy and employment. As a US Federal Commissioner, he participated in White House meetings on development strategy for international debt reorganization and food security and designed and led meetings of California Supreme Court members, judges, and lawyers to establish a state-wide Commission on Race and Ethnic Bias.

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