Nik Gowing on the Climate Emergency and Thinking the Unthinkable

December 28, 2021



Nik Gowing is one of the most distinguished journalists and news anchors of the last several decades, having been a witness and reported on some of the most significant global events and crises. Having just returned from Glasgow and COP26 he argues that climate change is now a climate emergency, that we have a rapidly narrowing window of opportunity to implement the changes that will allow us to defuse what could otherwise turn into a time bomb, with the capacity to greatly undermine social and political stability, as governments attempt to address some of its most destructive consequences. In a wide-ranging interview, Nik talks about the unpalatable choices that we face, the role of disinformation, the empowerment of women, and the need for a new kind of political leadership, less focused on political cycles and the next election and more motivated by the need to finally address the existential challenges we confront. 

Nik Gowing

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