Olga Tokariuk on Russia’s Unprovoked War on Ukraine

August 5, 2022



Olga Tokariuk is a distinguished independent journalist and researcher based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She writes mainly about Ukrainian politics, international affairs, and the role of disinformation and its impact on democracies worldwide. In a compelling interview with our host Augusto Lopez-Claros, Ms. Tokariuk talks about life in war-torn Ukraine, why Russia sees Ukraine and the West as security threats, and the role disinformation and propaganda play in Russia’s campaign to disseminate a false narrative about the war. She comments on the end game in this war, both for Russia and Ukraine and why so much is at stake for our rules-based global order on the outcome of this war. Speaking with a rare combination of coherent arguments based on historical facts and a forceful voice, she comes across as an impressively effective spokesperson for the 44 million Ukrainians currently trying to survive the evils of unprovoked Russian aggression and violence.

Olga Tokariuk

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