Toward World Parliament with Andreas Bummel

April 26, 2021



The 75th anniversary of the UN Charter in 2020 unleashed broad- ranging debates about the future of an organization that rose from the chaos and destruction brought about by World War II and was meant to establish a basis for peace, security and prosperity, for a world weary of violence and bloodshed. Despite some achievements, the UN is struggling to find relevance in the 21st century, amidst a plethora of impeding global crises, some of them posing existential threats to our future.

Andreas Bummel

In this episode Andreas Bummel, the co-founder of Democracy Without Borders, sits down with our host Augusto Lopez-Claros to discuss the formation of a collective identity, the world federalist movement, UN democratic legitimacy and the role that a World Parliamentary Assembly could play in revitalizing a process of long-needed reforms and more.

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