Anders Wijkman

Anders Wijkman

Anders Wijkman is an opinionmaker and author. He is Honorary President of the Club of Rome, senior advisor to The Stockholm Environment Institute, and Chair of the Swedish Association of Recycling Industries. As of March 2017, he is Chair of the Governing Board of Climate-KIC – the largest public-private partnership on innovation for low-carbon solutions in the EU. He is a member of the World Future Council.

Anders has served as a Member of the European Parliament, as Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Policy Director of UNDP, as Secretary General of the Swedish Red Cross, as Secretary General of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and as Director General of SAREC (the Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries). In 2015-2016, Anders chaired the Swedish Cross-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives.

Anders is a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, the World Future Council and the International Resource Panel. He is also a member of the Board of SIDA (Swedish Development Authority). Anders is honorary doctor at Linköping University (2011).

In 2015, Anders published the report, “The social benefits of moving towards a Circular Economy”, on the request of the Club of Rome in. The main conclusions are that serious decoupling, in the form of a circular economy, will bring significant benefits to society – primarily in the form of lower carbon emissions and gains in employment. In 2012, Anders launched “Bankrupting Nature” – with co-author Professor Johan Rockström. The book was published by Routledge.

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