Itinterunga Rae Bainteiti

Itinterunga Rae Bainteiti

Itinterunga Rae Bainteiti is of Banaban and Kiribati origins and was raised and educated in Fiji. Itinterunga’s environment and social justice work are linked to Kiribati people’s histories and the extent of environmental degradation caused by extensive mining. 

Itinterunga has worked for the Kiribati Local Government Association for four years and volunteered at the Kiribati Climate Action Network for 9 years. Through the years, he has co-founded several youth organizations, including Kiribati Against Corruption, Kiribati National Youth Association of NGOs, and other initiatives such as the Kiribati Aotearoa Diaspora Directorate Charitable Trust and the Auckland Banaban Christian Fellowship Support Hub.

Among other roles, Itinterunga is a Member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Pacific Youth Council and runs a consultancy firm supporting the Kiribati and Banaban civil society organizations in good governance and social work. 

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