Nirere Sadrach

Nirere Sadrach

Founder and Chief Executive Officer End Plastic Pollution - Uganda and Project Kollekt.

End Plastic Pollution has strongly grown into an organization with repute in raising awareness, influencing policy and promoting solutions to end plastic pollution. With work focusing on the intersection between people, the environment and the economy with emphasis on corporate accountability, environmental justice and promoting impactful environmental actions. End Plastic Pollution's operational objectives are addressing issues including; holding corporate polluters accountable, plastics and climate change, data collection and research, community engagements, zero-waste projects, waste picker organizing, petrochemical industry, youth and women, circular economy practices and collective actions. Influencing policy and raising awareness.

Project Kollekt is a resource recovery center promoting Zero Waste programs, Risk Reduction and actions to build Plastic-free communities. The facility is providing space for community gathering and The Kollekters Hub a training space for youth and waste pickers. 

He holds a degree in International Business Administration focusing on Multinational Corporations, a diploma in Sustainable Business. A leaner with the World Bank / Open Learning Campus and has completed courses in areas including Innovative Business Modeling for better impact and Inclusive Business. Nirere is a learner with the International Trade Center focusing on areas of trade at bi-lateral and multilateral levels. He also holds knowledge in Export Market Development and Digital Business Generation.

Nirere has contributed to BBC’s Investigative documentary about Coca-Cola’s failure to address the global plastic pollution problem. He has been interviewed by Fortune Magazine,, BBC Radio and has featured on the United Nation’s Shared Studios platform.

In 2021, he was awarded East African Champion of the Earth Award by the Climate Prediction and Applications Center at the Intergovernmental Authority of Development.

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